Emily Herb

Double Nene Vessel


12″ h

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Product Description

Much of my inspiration for forming and decorating clay vessels comes from nature and the Earth – her vast beauty, infinite forms, and intricately interwoven relationships.

I feel very lucky to live in Volcano Village where I am inspired every day by the rainforest environment & by the native birds singing in the forest.

Unfortunately, many species of the beautiful native birds of Hawai’i that are becoming rare and endangered. But I am very inspired by the dedicated men & women who are working hard in the effort to to save these birds from extinction, so that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy a walk in the native Hawaiian forest,
listening to the delicate tapestry of bird songs.

I hope that the pottery I make will help to inspire others to appreciate nature and support efforts to protect and preserve the beauty, wonder and awe of our amazing planet Earth.

Photo by Ken Goodrich

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Website: Apapane Pottery