hibiscus new 72dpi 600px x 423

Cindy Lee Giammona



6-3/8″ w  x 4.5″ h

Product Description

A move to Hawaii in 2004 brought me akin to the tropical colors, living textures, and culture that are the spirit of these Pacific Islands. Nature is a bountiful resource of inspiration to my work with its never ending supply of compositions to consider. Often feeling the role of a huntress, I’m out stalking the form, attempting to capture a pose, camera in tow. Flowers always attend the dance of Hawaii; their language amplified by their enchanting essence. I love their gift of healing and joy, and in my creative mode, delight in their expressions staring back at me. I take images and interpret them as my designs unfold. I find the contrast, contrast of land and ocean under quickly shifting clouds and light, illuminating shapes, color, and form, providing constant visual stimulation over the marriage of land and sea.

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Contact Info

Website: Cindy Lee Giammona – CG Artworks