Christine Ahia

Kahu O Kipuka Ki


12″ h x 9″ w

Product Description

Christine Ahia grew up in Honolulu and is continually inspired by the beauty of nature. From childhood she was happily exposed to hiking and camping, and her fascination with the “wild” or more natural areas is expanded by frequent participation in conservation projects, workshops, and by hiking and camping. Christine’s favorite painting themes tie into this love of natural areas that are the habitats for many native and rare plants, trees, birds, and insects. These range from wet or dryland forests of various elevations, lava deserts, or coastal areas. Christine especially enjoys painting outdoors, also called en plein air, which is challenging, and she also paints in her studio from sketches or from her photos. She likes to include the birds, animals, and insects that appear during the painting session into her paintings. She strives to honor her subject matter and presents it with expression, integrity, and aloha. Christine also seeks to inspire others to get outdoors, appreciate, and care for our unique natural resources.

Photo by Robert Frutos

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Website: Christine Ahia