A Pony Tale by Amber Aguirre

Amber Aguirre

A Pony Tale

Clay, stains, glazes

19.5″ h x 7″ w x 9″d

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Product Description

Throughout history artists have functioned as social commentators. As the child of a Holocaust survivor, I was indoctrinated from a young age into awareness of the fear, apathy, and victimization inherent in human cultures. I use human and anthropomorphic figures as the vehicle to explore the results of these prevalent emotions on society. The results form an uncomfortable contrast between the external face of content and the inner destruction that they pose. I reference art, contemporary culture, religion, mythology, and other forms of social determinism to engage my subjects in activities that confront the viewer with the results of the human condition.

Photo by Amber Aguirre

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Website: Amber’s Art