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Hina by Herb Kawainui Kane (1928-2011)
Original oil painting available at Isaacs Art Center, Kamuela, HI

The significance of the acronym for the Hawaii Island Network of Artists, HINA, is not lost on us. The Goddess Hina has many aspects and is a source of inspiration and connection. Legends connect her to the phases of the moon, the forests, and the coral reefs, but it is Hina, the Hawaiian Goddess of Hilo and a kapa maker, that resonates most strongly for us with this project. Hina is present in every aspect of our world and connected both to this Island and to the art of making. Our goal is to honor our connection to the culture and history of this Island through the inspiration it provides to today’s makers.

To learn more about Herb Kane or to view this painting of Hina, visit Isaacs Art Center.