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This site began as a mahalo to the artists who participated in the Hawaii Island Network of Artists Research Project in 2012-2013. During that time, with a grant from Hawaii County, donated time from our Project Manager, Tiffany DeEtte Shafto, and the support of Volcano Art Center, we met with more than 500 artists on this island, held community meetings in each of the 9 districts, and received more than 270 survey responses.





1) To create and deliver a comprehensive Economic Impact report documenting the rich diversity of Hawaii Island visual and fine artists and the economic impact of this creative workforce. The arts are a strongly supported by tourism, yet Hawaii is overlooked as an arts destination. By showing the strength of our community, we can increase awareness for the economic impact of this creative workforce as well as generate the vital statistics that Hawaii Tourism Authority and Big Island Visitors Bureau need to focus the marketing efforts on their arts. Visitors are seeking meaningful experiences and are interested in buying locally made products—our local artists create both of those things.

2) To create a website that showcases the people who make a living creating—artists who drive an overlooked sector of our economy—so that they can continue to earn their living through the power of their own creativity during these trying times. By shining a spotlight on this creative power and supporting our community, we will share the inspiration and imagination that is inspired by the Aloha spirit.

3) To educate the public about the value and significance of artists and makers, both traditional and contemporary, working in the mediums of clay, fiber (including kapa and lauhala), glass, metal, mixed media, wood, painting, and photography.

4) To help preserve the art of making by documenting those who are making their living following their creative passions. The economic impact report and web site will serve as inspiration for generations to come. The arts are how cultures are remembered and by documenting today’s artists, we will create a resource for the historians of tomorrow.

5) To assist in marketing Hawai‘i Island as a place of creative inspiration where we can re-awaken our innate connection to earth and land—the very things that inspire so many of our talented artists.


















Thanks to the amazing support of our creative community, we were able to prove the beautiful economic and social impact our local artists create for our community!
To download your free copy of research report, Click Here