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My name is Tiffany DeEtte Shafto. I have a passion for creating connections for artists and feel a strong drive to showcase Hawaii as the arts destination it truly is. I’ve see and experienced many artists’ studios, and I’ve come away with a changed perspective, one that’s given me a much deeper appreciation for the finished works of art and the artists who create them.

Seeing the needs of the arts community in Hawaii, while serving as an avid volunteer, I established Contemporary Publications in 2009 as a publishing company dedicated to promoting creativity and sharing the stories of artists. I believe everyone should be able to make a living doing what they love.

I am a past president of the Hawaii Wood Guild, a past president of Hawaii Craftsmen,  a former Director of the national Craft Organization Development Association, and former Secretary and Administrator for Hawaii Artist Collaboration. While titles don’t mean much to me, these organizations have inspired me to work to make a positive difference for their members. Hopefully, it shows.

Creating the Hawaii Island Network of Artists, originally as a mahalo to the artists who participated in a survey looking at their economic and social impact on behalf of Volcano Art Center, was a real joy. I met so many talented people though our community meetings and became further inspired by the creative power found across this island. And I loved seeing how this site was received by our visitors.

Connecting collectors with artists is a passion of mine, so through this project, direct connections between artists and collectors are encouraged and enabled, while also showcasing Hawaii as an arts destination.

Yet I also believe in truly serving our collectors, and sharing extraordinary local art experiences with them. That’s why I created  Tiffany’s Art Agency, where I work closely with collectors, sharing the latest masterful works of a select group of local artists, and curate contemporary art experiences across the state.

As I stated in my first book, Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers, “I hope that as you read these pages, you’ll find your own inspiration–to collect art, to create art, to attend exhibitions, and to share these stories with others….Finally, I hope that when you are given a big, positive idea, you’ll find a way to make it a reality.”

Here’s to connecting our beautiful community and sharing the joy it brings!