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Jun 6, 2016



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We have such an amazing community and the response to this website has been terrific. Recently, I was asked to put a collector in touch with an artist, and here’s what she had to say, “Thank you Tiffany! I have to say your warm aloha leapt off the page and embraced me, making me want to be back there again! It is very palpable to me, just as it is when I am in the islands. How you people manage to keep this spirit alive strikes and touches me time and again.”

I love being able to make that happen! Art does that!

I’ll be reopening enrollment in October or November and am working on some site improvements in the mean time.


If you teach art, have upcoming classes, or exhibits, please send me a PDF or JPG of your promo materials and I’ll post them to Facebook and the website. I’d love to continue to update our events page and share more of the wonderful things going on here! Collectors are looking!


Have you heard about the Art Hawaii International Fair coming to Oahu this November? Interesting… And Kohala Mountain Gallery has opened a second space for rotating exhibits. Hawaii is starting to become an arts destination!

Wishing you a fabulous summer full of creative blessings!