Affirmations with One Week To Go!

Mar 24, 2016



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Monday started with some pretty exiting news–this was posted to our Facebook page.

“Let me serve as witness!” shared Christina Skaggs. “Please everyone support Tiffany DeEtte Shafto in her efforts to advance this site that we are so lucky to have. I had an exciting inquiry just this morning from an international art consultant for public places and where did they find my work? HINA. Let’s do this people!”

That was a pretty powerful testimonial!

And I’d had a powerful affirmation just one week before. During a lunch date with collectors they shared how happy they were that this site is getting revived. They’d found it while searching for Hawaii artists, and saw it was out of date, but still managed to connect with a couple of artists. Hearing them lament over how hard it is to find artists on this island and how great this resource directory is, was pretty encouraging.

It’s working. It matters. And this site can help us all thrive if we come together as a part of it.

The countdown is on–one week left! Calling all Hawaii Island visual artists to enroll today and showcase your work on the Hawaii Island Network of Artists website!