It’s Coming Back!

Feb 25, 2016



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Did you know Hawaii ranks #3 per capita of our 50 states with fine artists & craftspeople (according to the 2006 “Artists in the Workforce” report by the National Endowment for the Arts)? When I read those words, it was an affirmation of what I already felt to be true about this special place, and it has inspired me ever since.

Our community is rich with artists! 

When the Hawaii Island Network of Artists project began (from 7/12 – 7/13), it was funded by the County through a grant I wrote on behalf of Volcano Art Center, and a bunch of my volunteer time. A survey looking at the “Economic Impact” of local artists was the key, but I also wanted to create a website to to help showcase Hawaii as an arts destination and act as a resource directory to connect visiting collectors with local artists.

It worked! 

Local artists do contribute a “significant” impact on our local economy (you can read the report here). And over the years, I’ve heard from a few artists that they have made direct sales because of the website! Plus the site has been averaging 1,000+ visitors a month without even trying, which is pretty exciting!

But it hasn’t been maintained, and while I’ve submitted proposals over the last few years, there has been no further non-profit funding for the project. I’ve realized that it’s up to us to showcase our community so we can be seen as an arts destination and draw in more of our ideal clientele. So, with the blessing of Volcano Art Center & Hawaii Artist Collaboration, I decided to take the project on.

The Hawaii Island Network of Artists is coming back! Without a survey.

The site is a visual resource that beautifully shows the art being created here and provides a direct way for collectors to connect to the featured artists. That’s a valuable resource–both for the featured artists and for showcasing Hawaii as an arts destination!

If you’re not familiar with this site, please check it out! It’s a non-juried site—the only criteria for being included are:
1 Visual artist, making all or part of your living from the sale of your art
2 Living on Hawaii Island, at least half time
3 Have a GET license

If you meet the criteria, you can get your feature page showcasing your work, a bit of your story, and a direct link to your website or contact info, for only $99 annually. No commissions. No additional fees. All direct sales are yours!

Enrollment will begin March 7th and will close on March 31st.

(If you’re already on the site, there is no additional fee for this first year–mahalo again for participating during the project!)

Plus, 10% of the profits from the site will go to support our local arts organizations. And, I’ll post calls-to-artists, interesting art tidbits, and latest things I’ve learned along this creative journey!

So get ready to connect and share your art with those searching for artists in Hawaii! You’ll receive an email when enrollment begins!

Mahalo for being a part of our incredible creative community!

With Warmest Aloha,
Tiffany DeEtte Shafto
Hawaii Island Network of Artists Project Manager